Tuesday, 2 September 2008

The Autumn Parade

Crystal cold winds whisk away
the curling leaves off each tree.
No longer green in colour
as rusty gold creeps along each branch.
Fragile as a shimmering spiders thread
they drift in dancing circles
Across pathways, roads and over fields
before floating slowly down.

Acorns and horse chest nuts
pebble the ground like hailstone
Whilst berry clusters ripen into brilliant dots of colour
Brightening up these slowly withering lands.
Scrummages can be heard deep within the woods
that are now thin and bare of much life.
As creatures feathered and furry
forage for their final meals of the year.

The geese, swifts and others
have already token upon the winds
To far away lands to live out
these damp and blustery months.
Clouds pass in and out of skies
depositing drizzle or torrents to natures choosing.
Upon the harvested fields now seeded
To bring forth new life in springtime.

The leaves lay themselves upon the ground
Creating one long and vast carpet for her feet.
Berries blush their colours as she passes them by.
Trees set down their nuts and fruits to feed her.
Animals clear the earth to make her proud.
And birds parade the skies to announce her arrival.

So much does nature do for this child
Who plays outside this time of year
And who we all know as Autumn.
Setting the earth to sleep
In order for her sister Spring
To wake the world up to life again.

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