Friday, 29 August 2008

‘Storthes Hall’

S tudents gather in great numbers at Storthes Hall one Saturday.
T earful mothers and proud fathers help carry the cases and boxes.
O ptimistic students lay claim to their rooms and limited kitchen space.
R etail raids harass the small shop for those essential supplies.
T hen just after four, parents leave all those students together yet alone.
H undreds then gather at D-bar to celebrate their new found freedom.
E veryone will drink away their doubts and fears well into the night.
S unday will soon arrive and bring with it an extra batch of flat mates to all.

H all life will soon settle into a routine, making it more of a home to its residents.
A s days become weeks and on into months, their tenancy too will eventually end.
L onely parents will return happy to pick up those that they missed.
L eaving as a family again for the summer but Storthes will be waiting, to welcome them back in the approaching September.

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