Friday, 29 August 2008

Remember this September

September means many different things
To animals and humans alike.
Usually harvest time it brings
But to students the educational hike.

For first years it’s a whole new world
So far away and stocked with baked beans.
They gather on campus both young and old
Nervously to meet their department Deans.

Second years return for even more study.
This time though each and every mark counts.
No more bar crawls or dares in the nudy.
Only after exams can they drink copious amounts.

For most third years it’ll soon be the end.
For come May they enter the world as employees.
Just one more final effort to drive them round the bend.
But soon they will finish in the early summer breeze.

All this and more will occur
During this September
And it will be for all I’m sure
A university year to remember.

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