Monday, 28 July 2008

Seaside Life:

Countless human sausages all lined up in rows
Smothered in sun cream from their heads to their toes.

All stubbornly guarding their loungers and deck chairs
Eager for the sun to fry them whilst they forget about their cares.

Some prefer to simmer in the waters, being tossed by the waves
Children and adults splish and splosh until food they start to crave.

A mini army of ice-cream trucks, vans and stalls stand at the beach top.
Besieged by dry mouths and eager hands, all wanting that red lollipop.

The beach is being moved around in all those buckets and spades.
Sandcastle rise and fall, none will last these summer days.

Boats and dinghies, pedal cruisers and surf boards litter the inner seashore.
Seagulls harass the chip shops, swooping and grabbing with their ruckus caw.

Starfish, crabs and limpets are attacked by curious fingers and probing sticks.
Teenagers whether bored or stupid tomb stone for worthless kicks.

Only when the heat has passed and rain returns does this circus go.
Giving the beach back to the sea ending Nature’s seaside woe.

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