Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Seaside Dreams:

Beneath this golden sand lies buried treasure left by pirates.
That is if you don’t count Dad once you’ve buried him up to his neck.

Deep in this pool is a giant octopus that guards a giant pearl.
Beware the crab as they can snap your fingers or toes off.

Somewhere along the large rocks of the shore,
Mermaids frolic, playing with the dolphins.

On a stormy night great Neptune can be seen riding his chariot.
His arms stretched out holding his pronged sceptre commanding the seas.

Trapped within the white cliffs are dinosaur bones and even whole eggs!
Take one home, keep it home and you can hatch a baby T-rex before tea.

At the top of the beach is King Arthur’s castle. Many buckets high.
It has four flags flying at its four towers and a water filled moat to guard it.

All of this and much more can be seen.
You must only seek the seaside of your childhood dreams.

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