Tuesday, 15 July 2008

One Pleasant Day

Petals of white and blue
Form clusters of colour.
Golden hue insects buzz and hum
From one pot to another.

Blackbirds forage for grubs, ants
And worms beneath the topiary.
Finches in mixed tones
Twit and chat amongst its greenery.

Fern slumbers below the crab apple tree.
Her paws twitch in the rush of dreams.
Her fur shines like jet fresh from the sea.
Her tongue is lolling across her teeth.

Blossom from the cherry tree has decorated
The grass by the artistic wind.
From the nearby field I can hear
The pheasant call and a starling sing.

Sitting still and quiet, admiring all
I wonder on such pleasant day as this
How much longer will it stay?
If only summer wasn’t as fleeting as a kiss.

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