Friday, 18 July 2008

I am....

When you feel your heart stop
And a shiver down your back.
That is me.
Merely testing your courage to see
If you will last another night.

When you hear a knock or tap
But each time no one is there.
It is I.
Challenging your strength as
I misbehave.

Have you ever looked the dead in the eyes
and feel you no longer know them?
Because I have been there.
Performing my destined task.

Do you still not know me?

Have you not heard the screams and
Cries upon the wind at night?
It is I.
Parading by as I come to collect.

Still do not know me?

Well listen and listen well Mortal
for many of over the ages
Have forgotten my presence and
Even fewer remember my name.

I am the glorious and beautiful
Death Bringer.
I select the bravest and most deserving of you all.
I am a Valkyrie.
And if you see me, it may be your turn to fall.

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