Friday, 18 July 2008

Black Prophecy: Ragnarok

All things end in death.
It is Death that ends all things.

Trees are to be burnt.
Rivers to run dry.
Seas to boil slowly away to nothing.
Leaving the earth bare to the sky.

Clouds to contain giant storms.
Their lightening to scorch earth in fire.
Their rain to drown the plains
And destroy everything you desire.

People will kill people.
Animals to kill animals.
Father against son
Until death makes all undone.

The Gods on high
And the Gods below.
Fight each other amidst
The cries of pain and woe.

All this makes a path for death
To stride in proud and tall.
With one foul touch of his poised hand
Create an ending for us all.

Yet fear not death my young ones.
For he is merely a guide to us all.
To help us reach Odin’s side.
Where we will feast and fight forever more.

Until the fated Final Day
Sleep well knowing this
That whether you die now or later.
The life beyond Death is far greater.

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