Saturday, 7 June 2008

Univerisity Life (an amended version)

University Life

Shadows slump in chairs and lay across the desks.
Sunlight and moonshine scribble on the walls.
Silence and emptiness sleep in the tutor’s office,
Around drained coffee cups and cold computers.

No noise ventures down the corridor.
The drinks machine oasis is now a desert.
Only memories of time past, flickering ghosts
Live in this barren place.

For summer dawns across the lands.
The usual mix of sunshine and rain.
September turns up and not too late
As nature finally reaches a balanced state.

Tutors arrive laden with papers and files.
Students come with nerves and excitement.
Staff return from normality prepared for the masses.
And people in orange T-shirts pop out of no where.

Shadows are banished by the electric bulb.
Silence is corrupted with voices old and new.
Emptiness becomes full, no space left bare.
The coffee machine is put to work once more.

So the cycle continues and the circle turns.
As one end dies and fades another is born, fresh and new.
The old aid the young with all they have to learn.
The passing of knowledge, as old as time itself.

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