Saturday, 7 June 2008

Secret Garden

The sun was warm on my back
The day we met.
I can still remember the cool rush
As I stroked your running waters.
Your perfume was unique, a delicate
Fragrance man could never imitate.
Your skin of bark was firm yet soft
To hold, I often tried to wrap my
Arms around you.
And your velvet green grass
Woven about you, it is one of
Nature’s finest fabrics.

I see you no more, as old adulthood
Intervenes, putting barbed wire between us.
But they will never steal you from my
Mind. Each time I close my eyes I’m there.

Sitting in the arms of sister willow.
Listening as brother river plays
A tune for us both between the banks.
And admiring the dainty vine
Flowers as they charm a
Hundred bees.

Summer reigns forever with you.
You’re my secret garden of dreams.

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