Saturday, 7 June 2008

Ragnarok - The End of All things

The earth is overcome with frost,
The winds blow harsh ice over the fields
And fire seems no longer good at keeping the wolves at bay.
The Storm Giants are becoming bold and brave.

The sky is dark with chaos, it churns
The high shadows of clouds.
Thor’s hammer Mj√∂llnir can be seen
And heard as lightening whips and
Snaps the shrouded mountain tops.

Both Sun and Moon are dead, eaten
By Skoli and Hati, two giant wolves
That has ever chased those bright
Heavenly orbs. The darkness seems
More cold without their light.

The sounds of angry battles can
Be heard above the thunder
As Odin and the Glorious Dead
March to finish their eternal war.

Even the seas twist and rage
As if battling the land yet
It is from it’s depths that Loki
And Hel’s horde of Unworthy
Dead shall rise.

Slaughter and Madness now
Reigns in each and every town.
Man battles man in a
Vicious and bloody war. Nothing
Is safe or sacred anymore.

Even Bitfrost, that mighty rainbow bridge
Will crack and crumble. Unable to
Withstand the strength and numbers as
The Fire Giants of the south join
The Godly fray.

When Gods have slain Giants and
Giants killed Gods. Fire will purge the
Earth and water wash it clean.

A new dawn will rise, Balder, god of Light
Will help the remaining sons of Odin
And sons of Thor create new life on the
Green earth and clear seashore.

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