Saturday, 7 June 2008

Heartbreak is the Death of a Pheonix:

Heartbreak is the death of a phoenix.
Such a glorious and most beautiful bird deserves such a death as fire.
You are led to believe that all is well, and the world is in harmony with your happiness and pleasure.
Yet no one warns you of the storm and hurricane that approaches your back.
It twists and turns you, sending you in vicious spirals down to the ground. No faster ride have you ridden before.
You plummet to the earth in a ball of fire and crumple into nothing but ash.
Somehow though, a small fragment of you remains, deep within the cinder and soot.
It clings to life as the sea does to the shore. Its desire to live again becomes so strong and needy. The power and hunger for life brings you back.
So as the phoenix, your heart is reborn.

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