Saturday, 7 June 2008


Odin All-father created the universe
From the slain body of Ymir the Giant.
With the help of his brothers Vili and Ve.
When the world was free from sin and curse.

In the centre he made Midgard
He carved it from Ymir’s flesh.
The blood was to be river and sea –
Around the new earth these waters will etch.

Ymir’s teeth became rocks and stones.
Hills and mountains erected from his bones.
All grass and trees formed from his plucked hair.
And Ymir’s brains turned to clouds floating in the air.

To create the sky Odin lifted Ymir’s skull up high.
They hired four dwarves to hold it till they die.

To guard the world Ymir’s eyebrows were used.
To protect both mortal and God if evil pursued.

Odin finally plucked two sparks from the land of fire and light.
These became Sun and Moon, to mark the day and the night.

Still the new world was peaceful yet silent.
The Gods then came across two logs of wood.
From the ash they created man and the elm woman.
Before the three Gods woman and man stood.

Ve offered understanding, youth and the five senses,
Odin gave to both souls and minds,
And Vili shared the power of speech.
These were the greatest gifts received by each.

Before the Gods left Odin finally declared.
“You are called Ask.” He told the man.
“You are called Embla.” He told the woman.
“From this day forth man and woman will always be paired.”

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