Thursday, 3 April 2008

The Weather Man: Prologue:

Sadly this is a book I started a few years ago and I truly enjoyed writing it but then I got so carried away even I was confused by the plot I was writing and so abandoned the idea but you never know it may spark interest in me once more and so gain life again.

The Weather Man


Like every night the room he was in was of pure darkness, he sat silently before the large crystal globe before him, with every country shining brightly, as if shouting to be noticed first.
“Africa,” he muttered to the globe, the small continent glowed ever brighter yet his eyes did not see it. “I do believe it’s that time of year again for me to quench your growing thirst.” He closed his eyes firmly and began to concentrate on bringing images from Africa before his mind. He could see the Sahara Desert, its sands always shifting, he could see the many beautiful beaches along the coast, once a peaceful retreat for many but now spotted with tourists and surfers. His eyes then gazed upon the wonderful rainforests within the Congo Basin. Its ever flowering jungle, said to be one of the many places where ‘Mankind’ first originated, though what he knew was very different.
He can still remember how vast the jungles were in his younger years, nearly every continent along the equator had a jungle at least twice the size than it was today, that is, until ‘Mankind’ learnt the power of fire and used it to destroy many ancient jungles. Yes, he knew that fire did also have many advantages but he also knew that once they had control over one element they wanted power over the whole world. So they began by cutting down even more trees of the jungle in order to farm the land, but in doing so they made the soil weak and worthless. Next they began harnessing the wildlife, taking away their freedom and natural strength reducing them to slaves who didn’t get much in return. Soon they began to control the sea, constructing ample ships and learning how to steer from one island to the other. Though they really never gained control of the sea, it could still turn on them, capsizing their ships, cause tidal waves, like a dog snapping at its weak master. This was soon followed by taking control of the skies, though it was such a powerful element that it took them quite a few centuries to even get some stupid contraption a few feet off the ground, but sadly they soon expanded their flying ideas and now cover the air with the white lines of used up fuel from their huge planes and jets. He chuckled to himself at his own thoughts before quickly returning to the task in hand.
He brought the image of the Congo Basin firmly in his mind and pinned it there with all his power, he forced his being to be there, to scent the many flowers, feel the moist air against his skin underneath the canopy, to touch the bark of the trees and hear the scuttling and buzzing of the millions of insects flying around him. Yet something disturbed his meditation.
A presence? He opened his deep black eyes and glanced slowly around him; he could see nothing and hear nothing and returned his gaze back towards the globe.
Must be my paranoid old mind. He decided, delving back into his meditation. Probably a fly or something, there’s nothing there.
Once more he found himself within the Congo Basin, the sweet, moist air forming droplets in his grey silver hair. He began to chant the Rain spell slowly, hardly moving his lips while his hands performed intricate patterns above his head, leaving a strange trail of deep blue crystals which hung in the air from where his hand had moved.
There it is again! His spirit quickly returned to the dark room, all his senses were on high alert. I had definitely felt something move that time, but what could it be, no one is able to get in here? He opened his eyes and stared hard around the room, he still could see nothing but he was sure he could now here the silent panting from somewhere behind him.
“Come out! Come out from your hiding Demon!” he challenged the darkness, and waited for some sort of response. “Surely you have enough courage to face me! Or are all you Demons truly cowards at the heart!”
“I am no demon!” the voice had a certain ring of anger in its tone; he knew he had struck a nerve.
He carefully got up from his cushion seat, reached for his stick at his side, it was gone.
“So, you think by stealing a blind mans old stick you render him weak? You have not heard enough about me have you?” he answered slyly, a thin smirk forming across his aged lips. “I may be blind to you but I can see things you can only dream of! For instance …” he paused, taking a strong step forward, his hand outstretched. “I can see you!!” he swiped at the intruder but missed, he could make out the faint glow of the intruders body outlined in red, meaning this person or creature, whatever it was, didn’t have good intentions in mind.
“You got to be quicker than that old man!!” the intruder laughed, his voice now further to the left of him.
“We shall see about that soon enough!” he lunged quickly behind him, he felt contact with this persons hand but even more alarmingly he felt that this person was carrying some sort of weapon which his eyes could not pick out.
“I have more fun chasing High Flyers, even their faster than you.”
“Really, well don’t you know that it was I who won the Sky Race five centuries in a row? That’s the type of skill your dealing with so don’t be too sure of yourself just yet.” He stopped, gathering his strength once more while his senses sort out his attacker’s position.
“Then this should be an interesting fight then shouldn’t it?” the attacker quickly struck from above him, hitting him hard on the head forcing him to the ground. The shallow ring of struck metal ringing in the once silent room.
Damn! I should have thought about that position! He complained silently as his sense quickly gathered back together again from the surprise attack.
“I believe that’s one point to me.” His assailant giggled, their foot now deep into his back.
“Yes … so it seems … now how about letting me have a turn.” He cried out, the attackers heel had some sort of spike attached and it was now digging deep into his back, he could feel it beneath his skin. Attempting to swivel round underneath the foot only brought more sharp, agonising pain causing his to give in and hope for another chance to strike his attacker.
“Oh didn’t I tell you? In this match the first to strike wins.” Along came another punch, firmly at the back of his silver haired head, first he felt pain and then he felt sick.
Cheats! Bloody cheats! Were his last thoughts before both his sights blacked out, his body collapsed limp to the floor.
“I think in this case I win.” The attacker lightly stepped off the body on the floor, lifting the pale face up to check he truly was knocked out. “Right, come on out now, we better get his body out of here before the alarm is raised.”
A second being crept out of the shadows and cautiously approached his caller.
“Are you sure he’s unconscious? He could be faking it, I have heard he tricks many of his enemies.” The croaky voice wondered, still not daring to touch the body encase he was right.
“Listen, he’s as unconscious as he can possibly be! That was a Three Fingered punch I gave him and you reckon he’s not unconscious? He’s lucky to be alive! Most of the people I did this too never woke up.” Now that she had removed her mouth piece, her attack seemed even more powerful. Her voice was hard and cold, unlike most women’s who were sweet and soft. She untied her hair, letting it fall loose across her shoulders, its whiteness shone in the globes light making her face seem paler than it usually is. “You know I reckon he’s right, you Demons are cowards at heart!” she grinned, her fanged teeth glistening deadly making the creature before her wince slightly at the sight.
“We’re … we’re not cowards!” it protested hesitantly lifting the body across its small but incredibly strong shoulders. “We’re … just cautious that’s all.” It hobbled towards the arched doorway, a very thin light shining from the bottom; it was the only thing that made the room a room for without it you would feel like you are indeed stepping into a world dominated by darkness.
“Whatever you say, let’s just get away from here, that globe is staring to melt my frozen heart.” She chuckled to herself, pressing the certain symbols upon the door that will let them out of the tower and into the crisp night waiting for them outside. The most powerful being in the world, slumped silently over the shoulders of a low ranking demon. Once those two left the Elemental Tower, the forces of evil were equipped with the most lethal weapon of all and whom they could bend to their will, the Weather Man.

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