Thursday, 3 April 2008

A sneaky peek at my latest Book, Blood and Bone: Book One of the Bloodstone Saga:

As my book, although finished, is still in the earliest stages of editing I thought I would select a few peices out of the general plot line in their rough form (So apologies for any obvious mistakes that I didn't notice - an artist is always blind to them). Please let me know what you think for in some cases the plot and character involvement has changed but such is the method of re-writing as that is what writing is all about. Hope you enjoy.

“That would be a very wise decision indeed. Now I warn you dwarf that what I have just told you is secret information. I only told you because you are the best at your craft and I admire your work. But I advise you not to linger on the prospect of informing the Gods about this; if there is one thing Loki despises it is a traitor.” There was a touch of a growl as the Lycanthrope spoke though Finnr seemed not affected by that sign of aggression. “Apparently you dwarves are renowned for it.”
“Not all of us Lycanthrope not all of us, especially when there is a great deal of payment to be received for harbouring such a secret. Now leave before I start to like you. I hope you remember how to get out of this realm.”
“I will be fine trust me dwarf.”


Eventually they came to the edge of the wood and looked upon a small wooden longhouse; smoke was quietly drifting from the roof into the darkening sky. Something crashed inside the house. The body guards immediately drew their swords and equipped their shields. Albruna unwrapped her long staff from its blanket, the jewel on top radiating out a mix of colours. They left the horses to wait within the woodland edge as the three crept forward towards the house. It was silent now but already they could hear several voices, unusual considering they knew Conrad lived alone. They came to the front and discovered two horses, one Conrad kept but the other was obviously owned by someone else. The stranger’s horse became skittish at their presence and tugged upon its tied reigns trying to break free A horse frightened when the other one was calm told her what she had feared. Albruna stroked it once and it became calm and still. She motioned for the guards to position themselves either side of the door.
“He’s here.” She whispered her voice quieter than the softest breeze but among her kind it was plain to hear and understand. “One of you grab the mortal, the other find the Bloodstone, I will deal with the Lycanthrope. If he has indeed obtained the Bloodstone one must fight beside me, the other escort the mortal quickly to the woods and await our return. If our fate becomes ill retreat to the Ash Mound with speed and await further help. Those are your orders, fulfil them with me.” With those final words she pushed the door wide open and walked in briskly, the jewel on her staff glowing fiercely bright. “Let us hope we are not too late.”


They all sat down amongst the grass again, their thoughts deeply troubled and confused by what they had found. The only sound they could here was the rumble of fire and burning wood. The small breeze which stirred that night seemed cold against the heat of the fire.
“Why would four mortal men seek out a burning barn?” a voice spoke out loud and clear causing all four of them to jump, hands immediately grasping their weapons of sword or axe.
“Who are you?” Randi challenged standing up, his head looking quickly in a full circle around them but seeing no one.
“Who are you?”
“Is it you who showed us the way out of the woods?”
“Maybe, maybe not.”
“What kind of an answer is that?” Sven muttered, already not liking the situation.
“Is it you who set this barn on fire?”
“Yes.” Came the answer, cold and simple.

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