Monday, 7 April 2008

Exams on the mind: Student Newspaper Short Story

A hundred or so students sat each to a desk in the sports hall. Each head was down staring at the question paper, their left or right hand scribbling frantically across the page; almost as if the hand itself was in dire need to escape the exam, let alone the mind.

I can’t do this. I can’t do this. I can’t do this.

Yes you can, just remember, think, hard, harder!

I’m trying. I didn’t revise this bit.

Why not? What were you thinking?

I was having a final drink with mates. Thought I could skim over this the next morning.

But you didn’t, did you.

Of course not, thought that was enough on Lear and moved onto the next play. I was getting bored.

Well you’re lucky there isn’t a question on Volpone.

I know just one on the subject I didn’t do thoroughly. I’m such an idiot.

You’re right there. Shame this isn’t an exam for stupidity.

Shut it, you’re not helping.

Why? I’m right though. Besides Consciouses aren’t meant to make you feel better.

Go away!

Can’t I’m in you, part of you whether you like it or not mate. Can’t believe you got me this dirty. I’m so unclear. All those small hours revising and all those late nights drinking just don’t mix well.

Shut up!

I wonder what your parents will think when they learn you failed this entire module just because you decided the Fool wasn’t worth looking into.

They’ll understand. They’ll see it’s the pressure that got to me.

Yeah, the pressure. The pressure that was so strong that instead of forcing you to stay away from all distractions, such as drinking yourself to sleep each night, and study, it drove to you fail it? Yeah, they MIGHT believe that.

It’s only my first year. First year exams don’t really count.

Don’t count! Passing these is what gets you through to the second year. Or do you want to resit the first year all over again? Besides even if you somehow pass this exam and get through to the second year, if you think this is hard? Ha wait till you meet those exams. Call this the practise round at stage one.

You really are not helping.

I know I’m not but then again you weren’t exactly helping yourself were you? Oh you might want to mention there about the link with deceit and so on. And don’t thank me, thank the small piece of your mind which you did manage to revise with. Ah well you live and learn. Better luck maybe in the next exam which I’m sure you will throw all you got at, right?

Yes, definitely. I promise. Honest.

An hour and a half later the Examiners announced an end to the exam. All there sighed with relief. Yet all knew they had at least one more exam to face regardless of subject. One more exam to pass or fail. All knew that revision was the key to the door at the end of this tunnel.

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