Sunday, 30 March 2008

How not to be a Jelly at Exams:

This is a story about Terry,
A student who wanted to do well.
She didn’t smoke or drink sherry.
As far as anyone could tell.

She studied hard in seminars,
Always arrived there on time.
Didn’t go out with boys in fast cars.
In fact she was in her prime!

But two weeks before her exams
A new sound came from her room.
She was found ringing her hands
Overcome with a stressful gloom.

Revision was too much she said.
So much to learn, to plan, to do,
None of it was fitting in her head
She felt like such a silly moo.

Her friends gave her cuddles.
Her mother made her smile.
Her boyfriend made her noodles.
She stayed quiet all the while.

The group sought academic advice,
From their tutor the following day.
He understood their plea and was nice,
Showing them an easier way.

They decided to revise together
To share the burden and the strain.
Soon Terry started to feel better
For her mind was in less pain.

Soon the time of exams began,
Nearly all had churning bellies.
But one small group, each holding hands.
These friends did not tremble like jellies.

Exams are an awful time of year.
But if you turn to tutors and friends.
You will find nothing to fear.

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