Sunday, 30 March 2008

Food for Thought:

Life is a buffet when most of the good food has been eaten.
You are left with a selection of childhood sausage rolls
That may be hollow with neglect.
A bowl of crinkle cut crisps
Those are the lovers you have and have yet to meet.
You do not know if you will like their flavour
Until you give them a taste.
Adult sized portions of quiche
Often containing many gruelling years in education
Or an endless struggle to get a decent job without one.
Then there are the sandwiches no one likes
Usually containing shredded cheese.
That falls out like the greying hair on your head
And the base of your bank balance.

Yet if you’re lucky; and are not too distracted
By the commercially cheap chicken legs.
You may just spot the last remaining slice of happiness
Topped with fresh strawberries and lined with cream.
You must grab it, taste it, and savour it.
And save a piece forever in your heart and mind.

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