Sunday, 17 February 2008

Men, Love and Birds:

I have dated a Magpie,
A jester in black and white.
When I saw his thieved gold and silver
Did I realise he was as high as a kite.

Spent a night with a Rook
Cool and collective all in black.
When he fell and I laughed
He gave me a most awful whack.

Got persuaded by a Pigeon
In a suit of grey and his big fluffy chest.
Looking back at that decision
It wasn’t my best.

One Christmas was with Mr Robin,
Small yet full of bounce.
Sadly he had too many female friends
And didn’t realise Loyalty counts.

I did spend a peaceful year with a Blackbird.
Who cared and looked after me very well.
After so long he said he was bored!
So he can go to hell!

Only afterwards did I discover a Swan.
Loyal, protective, gentle and caring.
For this bird, he truly is the one.
Our new found love is never sparing.

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