Sunday, 6 January 2008


It’s that time of year again.
For New Years Resolutions.
Promises, vows and goals to be set, made and kept.
All with good intentions.
Yet like the exercise bike you got for Christmas
Will end up still or broken, covered up with clothing and excuses.

Promises to join a gym are kept to an extent
But the only part kept is the monthly charge.
You never attend there even when you do have the time.
Vows to eat healthily are ruined when you end up going to Thorntons
To spend that extra bit of Christmas money you have left.
You tell yourself you will start anew tomorrow
But once work comes back into dominance your mind is preoccupied.
Your goal of loosing two stone in weight goes the other way.
After all the Christmas turkey, Christmas pudding
And the selection boxes of chocolate biscuits you daren’t approach the scales.

So considering all the failures no matter how much you protest that you tried your best.
I propose a new year’s resolution we can all make and keep with utter ease.
To not make resolutions we know we can’t keep
To make an oath to smile at least once everyday.
To go dancing in the rain at least once a year.
To call the old friend we haven’t spoken to in more than six months.
To go back to the rivers and lakes and feed the ducks.
To find a playground and spin yourself silly on the round-a-bout.
To try something new every day.
To never stop saying I love you.
And most importantly just to live life without regret.

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