Sunday, 2 December 2007

Song of the Valkyrie - in Asgrad women were just as powerful as the men

Song of the Valkyrie

I am one of Odin’s Shield Maidens
I carry his mark of the Golden Spear.
I am what drives men in battle and
Makes them quake with fear.

I am the one who knocks and taps
But each time you see no-one there.
I am merely testing your bravery
Seeing if true fear is too much for your to bare.

The end of October is when my fun truly begins.
I accompany my lord on his Wild Hunt,
We ride on horses with silent wings.
Our hound’s teeth are anything but blunt.

I am the glorious and beautiful Death Bringer.
I select the bravest and most deserving of you all.
I am a Valkyrie. And if you see me now,
It may be your turn to enter Odin’s golden hall.

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