Sunday, 2 December 2007

Never judge a book by its cover - Fairy Tales aren't always as they seem:

The Wolf Case:

She sat there before them. Her little finger twiddling with her curly blonde hair. Her tongue restlessly sliding over her peach lips. The recognisable red cloak hung on the back of her chair.
“So,” she began, smoothly standing up and walking around them. “We have one dead wolf neighbour. One saliva covered Grandma and a man with an axe.” She stopped to sip her hot chocolate, which she carried in her left hand, the right still fiddling through her hair. Her eyes wandered over to the window and the storm that blew around outside.
The old lady began to sniffle again, her shaking hands wiping her red nose with a large, pink spotted hanky.
“You both say Mr Wolf tried to eat you?” she asked casually leaning on the wall behind them, her breath steaming up the window pane for the second time that night.
“He ate me first!” the granny sobbed, her red nose making those irritating sniffs again. The shock of being bound to a wheelchair was finally coming through.
“So tell me old woman, why would he eat you?”
“I don’t know! He just did!” she cried even louder.
“Surely there must have been a reason? Did you exchange harsh words? Was he upset when you came in? Angry? What kind of a mood was he in when you saw him this morning?”
The old lady took in a deep breath then sighed. Her wrinkled eyes closed in concentration.
“I’m not sure what mood he was in Detective Hood. When I brought round some of the cookies he always liked he seemed pretty normal. Like he usually is every morning.”
“How did he accept your arrival? Was he agitated? Annoyed perhaps?”
“I told you I’m not sure! He just acted like he always has. Happy and grateful for my visit. He was always a lonely fellow. He didn’t have many friends apart from me.”
“Who would be friends with a man-eating wolf!” the axe man protested loudly.
“We’ll get to you later Mr Woodcutter, until then would you mind holding your tongue.” Detective Hood growled silently, within that one line her total appearance vanished to be replaced with a mood of hostility and authority.
“Yes miss, sorry miss.” He stammered like a naughty school kid.
“Good. Now as I was saying, Grandma, what were the first signs Mr Wolf gave you that something wasn’t right?”
“Like I said, at first he seemed his usual self. It was only when I noticed a plate of sausages on the dinner table that I became aware he wasn’t himself. As I informed you before, Mr Wolf told us all he was a strict vegetarian.”
“A vegetarian wolf? I must say that is a rare thing.” She returned to her seat before, placing her empty mug on the table between the three of them. “Well, could it be possible you think that he could have broken out of his vegetarianism? Those sausages you mentioned could easily be full of proper pig meat?”
“Yes, I agree it could be possible Detective Hood, but I’ve known Mr Wolf for over thirty years now and I have not known him to eat any meat at all during that time.”
“Well my colleagues at this moment are testing those sausages for meat samples. We shall have to wait for the results to know if they are vegetarian sausages or not.” Crossing her legs delicately, she leaned closer to the two witnesses before her. Her light blue eyes seemed to turn into lasers as she peered into them. “Why did Mr Wolf lead you into the bedroom Grandma?”
“He told me he had something important to show me. So I trusted him and followed him in. It was when he locked the door behind me that I began to panic.”
“When did he start to attack you?”
“Once he had locked the door. He started chasing me round and over the bed. I threw anything I could at him to hopefully knock him out but it didn’t work. I started to scream and shout hoping someone would come to save me. It was then that Mr Woodcutter came in.”
“So I’ve heard. Well then Mr Woodcutter, what can you say to follow up this event?”
“Well I was cutting in the little wood near by and heard the screams and shouts. I ran over and knocked on the door. It swung wide open, it wasn’t even shut. So I charged in through the house knowing something was terribly wrong. I found them both locked in the bedroom, using my axe I cut my way in to find Mr Wolf half devouring Grandma’s legs! It was then that I threw my axe and hit him in the head. I was the one who killed him.”
Detective Hood sat back in her chair; closing her eyes to go over the information she had been given.
“What … what will happen to us Detective Hood?” Mr Woodcutter asked nervously.
She slowly opened them to reveal a glare of uncertainty over her eyes. “I’m not sure yet Mr Woodcutter. From what you have both stated, you killed Mr Wolf as an act of bravery and survival not just for yourself but for Grandma as well.” She paused. “However, if those results say those sausages are indeed vegetarian, this investigation will have to continue for another week at least.”
“He won’t go to jail will he?” Grandma asked her voice as shaky as her hands.
“I’m not sure of that either Grandma. We won’t know any more than you do until we discover the cause of why Mr Wolf attacked you so. But for the moment you are both safe.”
There was a knock on the interrogation room door.
“Come in!” Detective Hood called, sitting up straight in her chair.
“Detective Hood, there’s been another development on the Wolf Case.” Another young detective announced.
“Well what is it Detective Goldilocks?”
“The real Mr Wolf has been found tied up in the basement of his house. He claims his cousin impersonated him so he could eat the Grandma. Apparently all the wolves are running short on wild food to hunt so their turning on humans.”
“Goodness Gracious! Is Mr Wolf alright?” the woman in the wheelchair cried out in relief and astonishment.
“Yes Grandma he’s fine. Just a bit restless that’s all. He sends his deepest apologies for letting his cousin attempt to eat you.”
“Oh Detective Hood, can I please go see him?”
“Very well Grandma, I think we’ll finish questioning for today. You can both go home. We’ll probably call upon you in the morning for further questioning just to wrap things up.”
“Oh thank you! Thank you!” the other detective helped the old lady out of the room, her red nose sniffing with excitement.
“What about me? What will happen to me now Detective Hood?”
She turned to meet the worried eyes of the man once more. “For now Mr Woodcutter you go home to your family.” She stood up along side him and walked towards the exit of the police station. “And don’t worry; now we have the real Mr Wolf alive and well, you are most definitely not going to jail.” Her words created a relaxed and pleasant smile across his worn face.
“Thank you for being so understanding Miss Hood.” He stood at the door, his still damp cloak now wrapped tight around his firm body.
“No problem Mr Woodcutter. I shall call you again in the morning to let you know what’s next. Goodbye.” She waved him off at the door before too putting on her red cloak and walking slowly through the rain to her red mini to drive back home to bed.

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