Saturday, 1 December 2007

Here's a thought for the christmas season:

The forgotten Pine Tree:

“Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree!” they sing.
That’s when a pine tree’s troubles begin.
Whether growing in the wild or reared on a farm,
Each year humans do them great harm.
In groups or neat rows they stand,
Shuddering at the touch of each human hand.
To be chopped down or dug up,
The other trees in pity can only look.
As one by one their taken away,
Never see another sunny day.
No longer to have singing birds
Nest in their branches,
Nor feel the wind blow through
As it dances.
Prevented from feeling the rain
Drip down its bark.
Or to house a hooting owl
When it’s dark.

Forced to stand in a bucket of soil.
Overcome by tinsel, baubles and lights.
To stare in silence as they watch mothers toil.
It’s pine needles fall showing it frights.

When Christmas day has been and passed.
The days of this tree near it’s last.
When branches start to become bare
It is left outside, reunited with the open air.
So it slowly dies, left to whither and rot.
To become nothing but a skeleton standing in a pot.

It’s ironic in a world
Where humans strive to be green.
That pine trees aren’t left alone
To sustain their natural scene.

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