Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Becky Bookworm Book Review: Foresworn (Sisters of Fate Book 3) by Rinda Elliott

Yet again the world Rinda Elliott has created gripped me utterly and completely, once I started I struggled genuinely to put it down. Finished it within 2 days and it proved to be a worthy climax to this series.
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Monday, 15 February 2016

Jorvik Viking Festival 2016 - King Canute's Millennial Anniversary

This years Jorvik Viking Festival is a special one. Not just because the beloved Jorvik Viking Centre was unfortunately flooded at the end of the year due to severe storms. So support from attending this years events is an essential part in helping it repair and rebuild anew.

But also because its 1000yrs since a Viking sat on the throne.

Yes an actual real Viking (albeit it Christian). King Canute (or Cnut) claimed the English throne in 1016 after his long standing opponent Edmund Ironside (last son of Ethelread the Ill-Councilled). King Canute also married my other favourite norse historical figure, Emma of Normandy. She became Queen of England twice and Mother of two future Kings, one from each husband (Harthacnut & Edward).

I am going to excitedly attend 7 events:

- Tuesday 16th
1) Vikings in your Vocabulary with Richard Dance and Sara Pons-Sanz
2) Helen Thirz Addyman Lecture: In Praise of King Canute: Norse Poetry in England

- Wednesday 17th
3) Thorfinn the Nicest Viking with David Macphial
4) Coffin Fit - The Story of the Swinegate Skeletons

Friday 19th
5) Historical Writing Masterclass with Justin Hill
6) Canute, the Wave and the seeds of 1066 with Justin Hill

- Saturday 20th
7) King Canute's Spectacular Finale

There are loads more events listed on the website.

Even if you can't attend the Festival this year (many events already sold out) please, if you love history at all or appreciate how museums allow thousands to learn about history often for free, please donate to the Jorvik Viking Centre and help them generate funds to repair and rebuild a new, bigger & better Centre for 2017. Support their Campaign Canute.

You can read more about their positive plans for the future and how to donate by clicking here.

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Becky Bookworm Book Review: Hybrid by Nick Stead (Debut Horror/Werewolf Author)

HybridHybrid by Nick Stead

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

From a debut horror author this werewolf tale takes a pinch of inspiration from Interview with a Vampire, a dollop of teenager issues from BBC Wolfblood and all the raw gore from every decent horror film possible. It is also what some may call a personal fantasy reliving of someones life to a degree or two.
There is a teenage with the usual problems of family feuds, bully fights and GCSEs and then there is the teenager werewolf who has a horid passion for meat both cooked and raw and a dual of minds and wills with the Inner Wolf inside. Oh and the extra challenge in that he is the last of his kind and is being hunted by a mysterious secret faction call Demon Slayers who know its more than werewolves that go bump in the night.
The reader gets on a truly wild ride with this story that I think really rewrites the image of the werewolf. You enter the story literally in the prologue with a direct 2nd person narrative. From Chap 1 it's all about Nick the teenager with a fascination of wolves and then following the bite which comes the reader gets to know the Wolf within Nick and that is a refreshing non-human twist on the myth. That Werewolve are in fact homosapien and lupine blended together in a freakish mental combination.
I particularly liked one chapter, after the discovery of a horrific and devestating murder (there is a lot of violent deaths in this book so readers had best have a strong stomach) Nick out of anger mentally attacks and argues with his Inner Wolf and the argument is really quite insightful into how a predator sees and acts when compared with that of humanity.
The first half of the book is all about a teenager adjusting to a very unusual sudden set of conditions but as the body count rises and his normal life becomes more and more fragmented by the impact of his actions under the full moon the second half leads into a savage and viscous mindset where Nick may have to loose his idea of humanity to stay alive as the Slayers pose an ever increasing threat.
Although I would have preffered more action and bloody drama from the go the slow first half does help as a poignant reminder of the boy Nick no longer is by the end of the book.

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Monday, 13 July 2015

Becky Bookworm Book Review: The Apple Throne by Tessa Gratton (United States of Asgard Book 3)

Since discovering the wonderful world that is The United States of Asgard created by the magician that is Tessa Gratton - I have been a fan! As a passionate lover of all things vikingy, in particular their mythology, why wouldn't I want to live in a parallel world where all of America is pagan, Odin hangs out with the Presidents, there is a Council of Valkyries as well as a special few Valkyries that deal with the death, where Beserkers are people with very real and dangerous anger problems to put it simply and where Lokiskin are the travellers of the countryside, visiting towns, hosting fairs and trading. All topped off of course with the wonderful power of Seeresses like Astrid who you meet in the first book, Lost Sun. Well Astrid is back and although she finds herself at the centre of all things, quite literally, she won't let the ribbons of fate bind her when her lover Soren is in trouble.
With all the action, adventure, mystery, danger and even more powerful magic than the first two - this is Astrid's story... click on the  cover for my full review.

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